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We help businesses reach the right audience at the right time with Result-driven advertisements that guarantee a worthwhile return on investment for you.

Software & Hi-Tech

We have a strong grip on modern technologies and ever-evolving tech dynamics. Our experts craft data-driven digital marketing strategies that amaze competitors.

Media & Entertainment

We keep your vibe rollin’ with engaging and interactive digital marketing strategies that tell your story the way you truly want it to.

Health Care & Life Science

Let your digital presence speak of your credibility and authenticity. Our experts help you create a brand persona of reliability and trustworthiness.

Automotive and Transport Industry

Working with a number of domestic and international companies gives us just the right experience to craft result-driven digital strategies for you.

Travel and Hospitality

The tight competition in the industry demands crazy marketing strategies that help your business make a mark. We have the experience to do that for you.

E-Commerce & Retail

We build user-friendly and engaging digital products for e-commerce businesses, using a blend of paid and organic strategies to drive results for you.

Gaming & Leisure

Whether you have a crazy mobile idea and need a development partner or want your game to reach the right audience, Digital Dex has you covered.

Real Estate

The real estate industry has digitalized in the last few years, and we help realtors exploit digital sales and purchases, virtual property tours, digital marketing, and more.


We know you need simple and result-oriented solutions and that’s where Digital Dex proves to be most beneficial.

Banking & Financial Industry

Digital Dex understands the high-end security needs and the growing need for client engagement. Our subtle, yet effective strategies do exactly the same.

Athletic & Sports Industry

Taking your business to the next level with our customized solutions that bridge the gap between your business and your customers without sounding pushy.

A Simple & Efficient Work Process.

Digital Dex’s founding principle is simplicity and efficiency in execution. In today’s competitive landscape, you can’t afford complicated, long-winded processes. Once you’re on board with us, here’s how it rolls:

  • Vision Alignment

    Send us a brief & let us know your goals.. We’ll study your business, identify your audience & create strategies that meet your objectives.

  • Milestone Set up

    Once goals are aligned, we set up a high-level timetable with milestones and deliverables set up.

  • First Delivery

    We deliver you the first draft, first design, first prototype, first demo, and incorporate your feedback into the project.

  • Regular Updates

    We believe healthy communication is the key to success. That’s why we’re always going to keep you updated with project statuses.

  • Final Delivery

    You get the files, accesses to accounts & instructions for maintenance (for websites and apps).

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